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my schedule

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To enter the settings screen, press for 5 seconds on the Settings button
To enter a child's activity threshold, click on the image or name.
Each click on an image in making timely recorded voice describing the action or the child.

מסך ראשי סדר יום

Settings screen where you can set the tasks caregivers and children

מסך הגדרות סדר יום

Each setting has to choose a picture from the camera or take pictures
Activities have internal gallery also can choose from photos

מסך הגדרות ילדים

Screen Daily System of a child
You can browse through the days getting up and back
You can update only current activities on other days to view
Clicking on a task or child care
Play the text recorded for this picture
מסך תצוגה ילד

Activity can mark as done, or turned off
Then change its background color by choice
You can return the situation by repeatedly pressing button activity then will return Activity

מסך תצוגה פעילות

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